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Sales Accelerator:

Our Sales Acceleration platform can deliver valuable & aggressively profiled prospects that can lead to an immediate & time-sensitive sales opportunity.

Such leads are generated on FOUR basic marketing foundations – B.A.N.T.:

  • B – Budget: Ready budget to purchase your product or service.
  • A – Authority: Targeted prospect will be the final buyer or an influential recommender in the company buying process.
  • N – Need: All leads will have a need for your product or service.
  • T – Timeline: leads will have a fixed timeline to buy the product or service.

Although this means you may receive a small volume of contacts than other vendors will offer, you can be assured that they represent reliable prospects with a short-term sales funnel.

Sales Accelerator will ensure leads you receive are thoroughly nurtured & made of:

  • Superior Quality
  • Highly Profiled
  • Aggressively Personalised
  • B.A.N.T. Qualified
  • Opted-in for client interactions