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Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research:

What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative market research is used to determine and predict attitudes, opinions and behaviours of a particular group based on scientific sampling. Essentially, it allows for totalling the group’s responses to arrive at statistically projectable data. Telephone surveys, mail surveys, online surveys and sometimes in-person interviews fall into this category.


Computer-assisted telephone interviewing is a computer based telephonic survey in which the interviewer follows a script on web. Here the program is customized or programmed in such a way that the flow of the pre-modified questionnaire comes with both close-end and open-end answer. HelloProspect regularly conducts telephone research with members of the public and the business community. The telephone is fundamental to researching business-to-business & consumers. We have vast experience in conducting the interviews and collecting the data for both continuous and ad-hoc projects of all types. Although we try hard to keep the quality of response very high and have successfully completed projects using CATI of interview lengths between 45 to 60 minutes, even among “hard-to-reach” groups such as C suites executives and Company Secretaries of large companies.


Online market research is an effective and efficient data collection method that saves our clients the expense and hassle of traveling all over the world. Our researchers are skilled in online survey design, programming, analysis and reporting. We use the most advanced survey technologies to deliver rapid-response online and mobile surveys.