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Predictive Intelligence:

HelloProspect's Intelligence portfolio is well grounded & definitive.

A relevant engagement strategy is used to ensure that the right buyer is targeted with the right message. In today’s smart & buyer-centric economy, traditional marketing and sales approaches do not serve well as they deliver a broad – spamming messages without targeting a specific buyer.

HelloProspect offers a complete profiling package on Predictive Intelligence programs. Highly targeted intelligence is leveraged on:

  • Buyer purchasing plan.
  • Information extracting profilers.?
  • Gain intelligence on what prospects are doing, how are they doing & why are they doing it?
  • Reliable classified information, etc

Buyer's persona, gaining in-depth intelligence on prospects provides a better understanding on their role & account status. We analyse the data build to study patterns, i.e. consumption rate, Requirements, Timeframe, etc. All these tiny bits of information collaboratively provide a bigger picture of the audience we look forward to targeting.

Budget Insights, let's say you are a software firm, looking to market towards a fixed set of targeted audience. We at HelloProspect can provide details to equip your revenue responsible team on budgets for existing/new investments, duration of the next purchase, add-on features/value that prospects are looking for. These golden nuggets of valuable information will help your sales hit the mark.

Intent monitoring, Intent of the buyer is what triggers closure. Intent monitoring is not just a buzzword, but it helps depict buyer's thirst for new products/services. Now, to quench that thirst we track buyer’s activities, searches, downloads, registrations, etc.

Sales Analytics, HelloProspect understands audience history & future trends that helps predict sales growth using such information. These tactics have drastically helped us retain new business from existing clients. We maintain the health of the pipeline, keep a track of win rate to ensure the smooth flow of the process.