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Since GDPR is already in action, HelloProspect is now providing opt-in data for marketing teams to extend its reach.

Opt-in Data is generated realtime exclusively based on:

  • Unique Client
  • Geography
  • Departments
  • Industry

As per the European Union Laws we follow strict policies of data protection under the Directive 95/46/CE, according to which all the marketing practices are incompetent without the prior consent of the concerned party or individual.
An individual is given complete authoritative right to change, replace & delete any sort of information that can be identified as personal data, along with a choice to “deny the access" to such information.

HelloProspect rigorously maintains “proof of consent" under legal obligation as per EU guidelines, which is kept intact of any interference or involvement of unauthenticated users & keep record of explicit consent in the original form expressed verbally or in any form of communication. We offer parental consent & measures for subjects who are not legally fit to express consent & all prospects are given an option to Opt-out at any given time they want to. The data pertaining to any individual is used only on lawful basis.

Consent Request:

  • The consent requests are provided separately from other terms & conditions
  • All the email requests are taken distinctively
  • A consent request is paired with other terms and conditions only when the service need is not fulfilled without this consent

Requirement of positive opt-in:

  • The consent should be proactively given in any form of communication
  • No pre-clicked checkboxes or cookies are considered as a clear consent
  • If prospects aren’t engaging well, we stop right there & never contact same target in future

Withdrawal of content:

  • The subject has full authority to withdraw his content at any point of time
  • The opt-out option is easy & demonstrated to the subject
  • Each and every touch will accompany an option to opt-out

Proof of consent:

  • HelloProspect maintains all records of consent that has been taken
  • The details like who has taken the consent? When is the consent taken? How is the consent taken? is stored for existential proof

Educate the prospect:

  • Prospects are educated about why we are gathering their data? & how we use it?
  • Prospects are informed about the usage & consequences of the usage of data so that the will of opting-in becomes more precise

Lawful Processing:

  • The methods & documentation used for processing data have been reviewed and realigned with the new regulations of data protection
  • Our privacy rules include the procedure that we use for lawful processing of data
  • We are accountable for our data and maintain transparency in every step of its processing

PECR (Privacy & electronic communications regulation):

  • Unsolicited marketing is not practiced without consent as per the earlier obligations of PECR.
  • HelloProspect uses affirmative methods to gain consent as per the amendments done by GDPR in PECR policies.

Privacy by Design and Default:

HelloProspect has introduced Privacy by Design & Default in the light of GDPR hereby assuring that every policy, process are complied with policies of GDPR and we ensure that a targeted & minimum amount of data is collected reducing control of processing their storage & accessibility on both organisational and technical level.