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Lead Acquisition:

Marketing programs executed by HelloProspect are highly personalized based on the service or product that will help B2B companies access reliable accounts they are targeting with confidence. Our clients know the value of gaining instant intelligence alongside the right & unique target audience.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL):

MQL’s are prospects that have confirmed their interest in the marketing assets & requested download. We provide a three-layer lead generation process.

  • The audience is finalized based on target persona, specifications and the decision-making role they responsible for.
  • The contact is then offered an asset proposition by a telemarketing representative who is able to get an opt-in confirmation that allows us to deliver the asset digitally.
  • We than ensure that the marketing asset has reached the contacts inbox real-time and that the prospect has read it.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL):

SQL’s are prospects that are compliant with the target specifications and have requested a download while being profiled. All leads will be within profiling criteria.

  • Qualification process on SQL programs are stringent enough to ensure leads are within target criteria.
  • We maintain minimum 4 questions to ensure leads are profiled best.
  • 1 screening / qualifying question (only requested answers will be accepted to further qualify).
  • 3 profiling questions to best understand prospects condition (to gain intelligence & personalise future touches)
  • All prospects will be influencers & final buyers with a purchasing mindset within a certain timeframe.