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Highly Qualified Leads - HQL

A Highly Qualified Lead is a Content Syndication lead that fulfils the service level agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales – a lead that meets:

⏣ ICP Persona Excellence: Tailored to match your Ideal Customer Profile, ensuring outright relevance.

⏣ Expressed Interest: Actively seeks to understand your company and offerings by downloading promoted marketing content.

⏣ Engagement Level: Goes further by answering 3-4 qualifying questions, demonstrating genuine interest and understanding.

⏣ Opt-In Assurance: Chooses to receive future marketing communications, demonstrating consent and compliance with privacy laws.

HQL’s are generated in the same way as MQLs, using one or more of the following techniques:

🅐. Content syndication 

🅑. Outbound content promotion by phone or email

🅒. Outbound Sales Development

At HelloProspect, we leverage diverse techniques, including Content Syndication, Outbound Content Promotion, and Outbound Sales Development, to craft Highly Qualified Leads (HQLs). Our approach involves posing 3-4 targeted qualifying questions, probing into aspects like installed base, active initiatives, business challenges, and urgency for a solution.

With a stringent Quality Control Process, HelloProspect guarantees top-tier leads, setting a benchmark for quality in the B2B industry. Elevate your business with HQLs that align seamlessly with your goals.

Precision Check: Our Triple Verification Process Ensures Accurate Lead Data.

All form fills from downloaded leads undergo meticulous checks:

⏣ Email addresses are verified through cross-checking with multiple databases and cloud-based tools.

⏣ Phone numbers undergo rigorous verification via multiple database lookups.

⏣ Titles/Roles are meticulously validated through LinkedIn comparison.

Trust us for leads that are obtained and verified for utmost accuracy.

Dual Data Enhancement: Amplifying Your Lead Insight

All leads get further enhanced with additional data fields that provide great value to marketers, SDRs and sales executives.

⏣ Direct Dial/Cell Phone data for direct connection.

⏣ LinkedIn Profiles are appended for comprehensive insights.

HQLs are ideal for adding to your top of the full nurture campaign and will provide the SDR team with valuable information about the account when it is ready to pass to sales.