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HelloProspect is an Outbound Lead Generation & Multilingual B2B Telemarketing - Research Intelligence company.

We work with B2B Publishers & Agencies to help execute their marketing campaigns. With a strong hold in research intelligence, we are changing content marketing landscape by guaranteeing results. We help connect millions of businesses with thousands of quality sellers for hundreds of products & services.
HelloProspect’s lead generation programs provide pay-for-performance & result-oriented solutions that deliver leads from prospective buyers at every stage of the sales cycle. We aggregate outbound-inbound marketing methods to engage best, generate quality interactions & to help curate industry intelligence for B2B companies globally.
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Top Offerings

Multilingual B2B Telemarketing

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • High Quality Sales Leads

Market Research

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Surveys & Focus Group
  • Opinion & Information Extraction

Digital Strategy

  • HTML Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertisements

Our company

Delivering world-class marketing campaigns for technology brands through technology audience!
Bringing win-win strategies to the table to ensure your marketing delivers ROI, within your target budget. Conversations generated by HelloProspect helps internal marketing teams to effectively nurture & for sales teams to follow-up & close the deals.

We don’t generate leads, we generate Opportunities

GDPR Compliance

  • Why GDPR?
    In today's world the pace with which we create data is enormous, GDPR kicked off due to blind usage of personal data. The collateral damage in the process of creating tons of data is the right to privacy of information. It is the evolution of the laws, it has introduced "privacy by design" which secures your data from initial stages saving you from risks of further damages.
  • Main aspects of GDPR
    When we think of data the initial fields include phone number or email, but personal data is beyond that & can contain any information that track the identify of an individual. So data subjects should know what data has been connected, where their information is and how it’s being used. On the brighter side it saves us from the pain of mass marketing and is a step towards more personalised & intent-based communication, which means less risk and more quality conversions.
  • Relevant consent
    Under the guidelines of GDPR - any data pertaining to personnel cannot be used without their explicit consent. Now as B2B marketer's, opt-in & opt-out options needs to be given at all stages to ensure legitimate consent.
  • GDPR in B2B Marketing
    B2B marketing is all about "intent - consent - content" & since this regulation being live, intent-based marketing is going to rule our world & more personalised content with relevant approach will help us win the game. According to ICO its alright to send over information as long as prospects have an option to opt-out. Legitimate consent will be key player for B2B marketing.
  • How are we compliant?
    Targeting the right audience by delivering most accurate insights, sets us an amazing opportunity to opt the right contacts for your future marketing efforts. To guarantee the right usage of data, we at HelloProspect have reviewed our procedure, tools & documentation to build the right path for GDPR. Our messaging is targeted & transparent, that requires a positive opt-in on behalf of the prospect. We deliver campaigns through our inhouse platform & inform all subscribers on the data fields we have collected & how we use it as they respond to promotions.

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